Best Exercises for Snowboarding

Best Exercises for Snowboarding


What are the best exercises for snowboarding that you can include in your snowboarding training workouts to make sure you are fit for the snow season?

To ensure you increase you fitness for snowboarding you need to make sure you are doing functional exercises that will improve the fitness components needed for snowboarding. This means including exercises for snowboarding that are using multiple joints and muscle groups at one time, not just isolated body building exercises.


Core Exercises for Snowboarding

The best core exercises for snowboarding will improve your core stability and rotational stability and strength. This means that just doing a few crunches is not going to cut it with regards to snowboarding workouts. You need to do variations of the front and side plank exercises, such as variations using the swiss ball. To increase your core fitness for snowboarding you should also do rotational exercises such as dumbbell chops.



Leg Exercises for Snowboarding

Great leg exercises for snowboarding are exercises like rear foot elevated split squats, dumbbell squat jumps and lateral split squats. If you include these types of leg exercises in your snowboarding training workouts you will develop stability and strength in your legs which is important for both snowboarding performance and injury prevention. Make sure you also include hip dominant exercises like single leg deadlifts or hip extensions which are also excellent exercises for snowboarding.

Cardio Exercises for Snowboarding

You also will benefit from doing some cardio exercises in your snowboarding training workouts. A great snowboarding cardio workout includes using bodyweight exercises like squat jumps, burpees, mountain climbers and lateral bounds to improve your fitness for snowboarding. When you include these exercises in your snowboarding workouts you can improve both your anaerobic and aerobic endurance as well as your leg endurance so that you can ride powder without your legs fatiguing as quickly as they normally would without doing any exercises for snowboarding.


You Snowboarding Exercises Training Plan

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